‘Life Jackets’ by Luke Christopher

Last Friday, I was listening to The Heat on SiriusXM and heard their interview with this new artist. I thought to myself, “Luke Christopher? I’ve met this guy.” About a year ago I popped into his photo shoot in LA, and a few months ago chilled with him, his family and management at the 40/40 in NYC. Good people.

So I’m listening in, and he presented himself as a well-spoken artist as he talked about the turn of “LA Music”. Then they played his new single “Life Jackets”, which is a pretty solid song. Dope production and he performs a seamless transition from singing to rapping. I easily connected with the song lyrics…. “I don’t get in no boat with no life jackets.

Luke’s definitely a talent to keep an eye on, I look forward to hearing more from him. Here’s the video to his single ‘Life Jackets’.

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