Art: 5 Stages of Grief


For the first 3 months of 2017, I dealt with grief and moved through all its stages. During this time, I painted. I conceptualized and visually painted my feelings into 5 pieces; Bargaining, Denial, Anger, Depression & Acceptance. I’m excited about showcasing this collection, it’s my most honest and vulnerable work up to date.





Acrylic paint & marker on 36×36” canvas, painted in Hollywood, CA.

It had to be my fault. I should’ve been different. I should’ve been better. Why did this happen? How did I let this happen? How did we get here? How can we fix this? I’ll change. I’ll be better. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can make it work. My heart is breaking, but we can fix this.




“River of Tears”

Acrylic paint, rain, and human tears on 30×30” canvas, painted in Los Angeles.

I created this piece outdoors while listening to a SNL acoustic performance by Alessia Cara’s song, “River of Tears” on repeat. It was sprinkling rain and I as cried while painting, I scooped my tears into a small jar. In the end, I poured the jar of tears onto the canvas.




“Rigorous Honesty”

Acrylic marker on 24×36” canvas, painted in Coachella, CA.

Need I say more? Eventually the truth came to light. It was never my fault to begin with.




“No Signal”

Acrylic paint on 24×36” canvas, painted in Los Angeles, CA.





Acrylic paint & marker on 24×36” canvas, painted in Los Angeles, CA.

I accept me for who I am.
I accept that I am a Queen.
I accept that I am smart with a big heart.
I accept that what’s in between my thighs is a sought out treasure.
I accept that I’m unmoved, unimpressed, & unbothered about my last relationship.
I accept that I’m Fuck Boy Free.