There are a handful of important lessons that I didn’t learn in a classroom; pulmonary embolisms, dealing with love/depression, managing my time/money/friendships, adulting in America, working in entertainment, maneuvering as a woman of color, calculating my alcohol intake, knowing when I’ve taken something “too far”, etc.

Real-life experience covered all those subjects; some I’ve mastered, some I’m still learning, and some I’ve failed miserably in. I haven’t mastered life, I’m far from being a graduate of it, and I’ll never be a “know it all”. I am imperfect AF, and I’m ok with this!

If you’re a know-it-all then what’s left for you to learn? It’s ok to not always have the answers, go find them. It’s ok to wanna learn and experience new things, just do it. It’s ok to keep trying and working on yourself till you figure it out.

All this to say… I’ll forever be a student of life, and because of this, I’ll be able to do whatever TF I want to do.

You can too, stay curious!