Oh hey… I didn’t know you were still here.


It’s been a long time since I’ve really written on my site. On occasion I’ll put up a spurt of music and videos to catch up on projects that I’ve released, with a sprinkle of selfies, clothes, and randomness. But I haven’t written.

I’ll fix that. 

An excuse is that I’ve been busy AF. The lifestyle that I’ve chosen as a career, consumes me. 95% of my life is lived on listening to music, releasing music, traveling for music, a music project, a music event, etc. However, I absolutely LOVE what I do, so no complaints here.

I promise to do better. 

There have been a ton of moments, milestones, real-life sh*t and topics that I’ve wanted to write and vent about. But I didn’t, my bad. << This apology is to myself, fyi. Writing is good for me, it’s just as therapeutic as is painting. Expressing myself in any form is positive,  it’s my release of contained thoughts and feelings. So by not writing/painting/creating I only restrain my own growth. I need to continue to unapologetically express myself, while giving no f*cks about what other people think.

Now that is LIVING!

You already know I’m going to keep it positive, inspiring, and honest tho. No mess here. So THANKS to all 4 of my readers for hanging on to my site, I didn’t know you were still here.

Much more to come.

– Leslie Rosales