Long Live Game of Thrones


I’m not mad at the series finale at all. On social media, I’ve seen more upset comments like “I waited 10 years for the show to end like this?”, than positive reactions.

I came in as a GOT fan around 2015, I’m not a “established in 2011-day one fan”. I was never really into medieval-times-like shows, but I’m very into films about war and battles. Like Braveheart and the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan is my shit. I’ve probably watched GOT’s Battle of the Bastards and A Long Night episodes over 30 times collectively. GOT drew me in with their storylines of love, war, survival, family, loyalty, honor & power. The show made you fall in love with the good guys (then would break your heart when most of them died), and really loathe the bad guys (they all died too). Then there’s the fantasy part of the show with The Night King and his army of the dead. Those blue-ice-creatures and skelton squad were freaky and terrifying. Even if a character was good or bad throughout the series, I still rooted for the living. Between GOT and The Walking Dead, in the highly-unlikely chance of a zombie apocalypse, I feel confident that I now know how to stop the dead to survive: Chop off the head or burn them. They can’t swim, but neither can I so I’m screwed if I’m by water.

My favorite 2 characters throughout the series were Cersei (yes I hated her, but I loved her too). She was a straight SAVAGE. She’ll frame a person to protect her family, blow up a whole town for revenge, and have mad kids with her brother to keep their bloodline strong with no fucks or apologies given. Her sinister character was someone I loved to hate. And second, the obvious Jon Snow. A fine, strapping young man who was the black sheep of the family but had so much heart, compassion, fight, stood for what was right, and the hero throughout. I always wanted him to win.

I had no real expectations going into this last season, only one I had was “people are going to die.” So the only real surprises to me were HOW people died. Some people went out like real G’s! Then there were the “poetic” moments like how Jamie and Cersei died together. However, I did want Cersei to die in the most ruthless possible way (ie: stabbed in the heart by Arya), but I guess HBO. I for sure didn’t think that Jon was gonna be the one to kill Auntie Daenerys in what I thought was a “sweet-incestral-embrace”. I thought the dragon was gonna toast his ass right after too, but I was wrong lol.

This past January, I rewatched the series from the beginning to prepare myself for this last season. The very first episode was the last time all the Starks were in Winterfell together, happy, alive and healthy. Crazy that they went thru 8 seasons of straight chaos and hell. But at the end of the series, I think they came out on top and ended up where they wanted to be/destined to be. Some of the families and houses are survived by one living person, Starks got 4 of them and a wolf-dog spread throughout Westeros. #Winning

Thanks to the Game of Thrones cast, crew & production and Home Box Office for the many years of good entertainment and endless topics of discussion among friends and even strangers. It’s beautiful that a show like this brought the likes of many together. #TeamLIVING