In 2003, I started a playlist on iTunes called “Boys Simp”. It consists of songs I purchased for .99 cents and songs I downloaded from LimeWire 🤫 – I kept adding on to it till mid 2017, before moving to NYC/working at a label and started a legit life of streaming.

Till this day, I’ve kept this playlist in rotation. I listen to it at least once a week. The best/most timeless music out there is where the artist is most vulnerable. And in a rappers case, most of their BEST records and hits are songs about WOMEN. So midway through Women’s History Month, I’m sharing this playlist with you all via Apple (CLICK HERE). Play it in order, or on shuffle…. You’ll enjoy it either way and feel some nostalgia.

Boys Simp – Rap songs, for and about women. They love us, lust us, miss us, often misuse us, but at the end of the day they need us 💙

PS…. There’s a lot of Drake 😂