Christian Louboutin on Instagram

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 1.25.40 AMCL

Anyone else follow @louboutinworld on IG? 

I love how they have shots mixed with fashion, art and/or travel. To me they portray power… A woman (or man), wearing these distinct red bottom shoes, while traveling the globe for work or leisure. First of all, some Loub’s will cost you about a rack ($1k) easily… Second, it takes some strong and resilient feet and legs to even wear them.  So when you see a woman (or man) exuding the power to rock some Loub’s that are 120mm in height or over, give them props! Because they need all the encouragement they can get, just to  make it to where ever they can change out of them and into some flip-flops! [I speak from experience]

All this to say…. If you love Loubs, fashion, art, traveling, or photography follow @louboutinworld on IG. =)


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