#TBT – The type of man I envision myself with…

I wrote this sometime between 2006-2008….. Still applies in 2014.

The type of Man I envision myself with…

Smart, HUNGRY & HUMBLE, spiritual, caring, compassionate, well-read, honest, funny, and has enough BUSINESS SENSE to know what to do with his dreams.

A MAN who can prioritize his responsibilities and his wants from his needs… one who is well-rounded, and has a good dose of artistic and athletic ability.

A MAN who can connect with me on a mental level, satisfy me on a physical level, and amaze me on an emotional level.. one who will trust, love, worship and appreciate every single part me… He’ll also understand that what he provides for me he will recieve in return, and then some.

I need a HUSTLER! a GO-GETTER! a GRINDER! A MAN who can take care of home, take care of his family, not so much of a MAN who can take care of me… But a MAN who can LEAD WITH ME.

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