Just to Keep You Satisfied


September 14th, 2014 – It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. We were celebrating Nas’ 41st birthday at his friends house, 30 minutes NorthEast of the city. There were about 10 of us there in a big beautiful home, surrounded by grass and tall trees. One thing that I love about ATL are the trees. The smell of them and the colors as the leaves changed from season to season. That’s a sight I never see in LA.

That day, the guys were out back on the patio deck; smoking cigars, drinking Hennessy, the cook was bbqing, and they chattered about the ‘good ole days in QB’. Inside the house were the ladies; we ate and talked about home decor, renovations and art. The Niners Vs The Bears game was on TV, but the volume was on mute. Instead of listening to the games commentary, a smooth Marvin Gaye playlist was playing throughout the house.

It wasn’t till the moment that THIS song came on, that I had fallen in love with where I was, and realized what I wanted. The epiphany came from a mix of Marvin’s artistic genius, the perfectly seasoned bbq, the beautiful scenery, and the gathering of good friends. I want THIS. I want a house in the South…. I want a husband…. I want Sundays filled with bbq, sports, oldies, friends, and family…. I want to start my own traditions… I want a life filled with love.

Although ‘Just to Keep You Satisfied’ is a break-up song, it is a LOVE song. I’ve been listening to this song over and over again since I got back from the A. I’ve been painting, driving around LA, and sleeping on fights with this song on repeat. It’s my constant reminder of THAT moment when I realized what I want in my near future. Only thing I have to work on now is figuring out WHO I’m going to live that life with.

Till I make that realization… This song will continue to stay on repeat.

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