Art Basel 2015 x Paintings by LSMR – CONFIRMED

Art Basel 2015 x Paintings by LSMR is confirmed for next year… My art and I will be in Miami FOR SURE!

A little over a month ago, I was presented with two opportunities to showcase my work at Art Basel this year. I then had to make a decision; Art Basel ’14 or continue with my vacation plans. Obviously, I chose to stick with my vacation.

As DOPE as it would’ve been to have my work at Art Basel this year, I had to really think about it. I’ve been painting for 11 months. 11 months!! Not to discredit my work, but I feel like I need more time to work on my new found talent. A month wouldn’t have been enough time to prep. However, a year of exercising and fine tuning my craft for December 2015? Oh yes, I’m in and I’ll be ready. I can’t play with Art Basel…. I have to come right, well prepared and with my best.

As Art Basel ’14 starts today, I still feel a type of way… As if I SHOULD be there right now. But it’s all good.

Next year / No Excuses” is what the email reads. I’m there for sure…. Its all ready confirmed.

If you’re in Miami this weekend, check out these events going on today through Sunday!

image-3image  image-1


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