“Guy Problems”


Back in 2010, I remember going through a “guy problem”. That year, I was working with Lady Gaga and Toni Braxton, along with Nas. I was so upset over a situation that it affected my work. I was slacking and it showed, and the first person to notice was Anthony. This is when he said the realist thing that anyone has ever told me….

“You work with the biggest artist in the world and two legends, how do you even have time to give a fuck about a problem over a guy?” – A. Saleh

I’m 99.9% sure I got over my problem 10 seconds after he said that to me. He was right. I’m too busy living my dreams; traveling the world, building empires, and doing the things that I love to do with the people I love. Everyone see’s the party and turn-up pictures on my social media, but no one ever see’s the hundreds of emails I check a day, my packed calendar, and how hard I work. So no man… or woman… and their petty problem with me, don’t deserve a second of my time. I’ve got important things to do.

In 2013, there was another situation with a guy who wanted to argue with me via text over some B.S. At that time, I’d just boarded a flight, sat in my first class seat and ordered a drink. As my text message alerts kept going off, I thought about what Anthony said to me. This was another problem that I didn’t have time for. “Get the fuck outta here” were my exact thoughts when I turned off my phone and sipped my mimosa. Life is too good and I’m too busy to stress over a “guy”.

Current status in 2015: Unbothered

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