My Interview


I’m always flattered when I’m asked to be interviewed. It’s humbling to share my story, knowing where I came from, and the obstacles I had to face just to get here. I’m living on Earth to inspire. So if I do that for you, then my work is done. Thanks to Jas, Unee, and for the love!

– Leslie

The Woman Behind Nas: Leslie Rosales talks running Iconic Hip-Hop brand, Ventures, and Advice [Interview]

If you are one of the millions that follow the legendary rapper Nas on Instagram, then you probably have seen a woman, whom he has deemed “Sis”. She has been seen in photos with the Queens rapper celebrating victories together over a few cigars and bottles of Hennessy. But who is she? What is her role? How is she standing next to some of the best in the music industry respectfully?

Her name is Leslie Rosales, born and raised in Los Angeles to Filipino parents and is the woman behind the powerhouse artist management group, Emagen Entertainment Group. Emagen’s roster includes Alina BarazDJ BADFuture, and most notably Nas. The management firm is collectively made up of 6 managers, with Leslie being the only woman on her team and one of Nas’ trusted and go-to managers.

ThatsEnuff’s Jas is Like and Unee caught up with the businesswoman while she was in New York on June 22 to find out her story, from her start in the music business, to working with Nas, to her advice on how to be successful in a cutthroat industry.

Here’s a little Monday Motivation for y’all, Check it out…


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