Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)


This song touches my soul EVERY TIME I hear it.


I remember the first time I heard it in 2014. I was invited to a Sisterhood Service at Hillsong LA, and the choir/band performed it. I was in TEAAAARS!!! 

My mother raised me as a Catholic, but I attended church once in a while with my Protestant father. As a teenager on my High School’s Dance Team, I would dance and worship at Baptist churches. As an adult, I explored and attended numerous Christian churches, and I’ve even learned about Islam and practiced Ramadan once. All that to say, my whole life I’ve had some kind of connection with God. I’m not gonna play it off as if I can quote lines in the Bible, follow all 10 commandments to a tee, and claim to live a non-secular life. Just saying, I’ve always had a connection with the man above either through religion or the simple act of praying and talking to him.

I’ve lived an eventful life, I’m actually surprised that I’m alive and doing well. I’ve been abused, lost, kicked out, sued, rock bottom, broke, abandoned, hospitalized, and near death. When I think about all the dumb things I did and chaos I caused in my own life, there is NO DOUBT that God stayed with me throughout my faults and decisions and SAVED me from me. Every time I dug myself into a ditch, he scooped me out.

He believes in me, He forgave me, He showed me mercy, He knew that I would do better, He knew that I was meant to be greater than anything I ever imagined myself to be. He needed me to believe in not only myself, but in Him… And to trust Him. 

It took me about 24 years to do so, but better late than never.

So when I heard this song with the thought of my past struggles, my growth, His love and forgiveness…. I can’t help to not cry. God saved my life! For the past 8 years, He has put me in positions and places that I never thought I would be in. I could’ve been dead, in jail, drugged out, unhappy or unblessed…. But nah, He got me out of all that.

I talk to God often, maybe 3-5 times a day, I have too much to thank Him for. Plus I’m still an imperfect human, so I ask Him for forgiveness and mercy as well. I still have my moments where I’m unsteady, unsure, and in doubt. Not of Him, but of myself and others, especially in the matters of Love. So I pray, not selfishly for what I want, but for what God wants for me and for patience till it comes. Within the past 2 weeks, I think I’ve listened to this song about 30 times. In most instances, back-to-back. What I’m going through now will pass and I’ll heal, but quite often I need that reminder;

God will lead me where I need to be, I just need to keep trusting Him. He’ll take me farther than I’ve ever imagined as long as I have faith, and never forget that He is always with me. 


Leslie….. God has 100% success rate of getting you through and out the fire. Okay?



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