Mass Appeal | SXSW Recap

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A few weeks ago, I rolled with Mass Appeal down to Austin for ‘Live at the BBQ SXSW 2017’. Check out the recap….


In the past, my trips to SX were in and out; land, go to the show/do what I have to do, and leave right after. It was a different experience for me this year; I stayed a full 4 days, walked down 6th, and bar/show hopped. I had fun, but by the third night my body was ready to go.

I had a good time with the team at the Mass Appeal House and loved being surrounded by other creatives. We ate good, drank, vibed on some cool shit, and got some solid work in. I’m excited about working with the MA team again in the future. Here’s more content and vids from a few artists who came by the Mass Appeal House during SXSW.