Life Update.

10 days later. 

Long-story short: I was involved in a hit & run accident while riding in an Uber, and my head was spilt. Both cars have been totaled out, luckily both were insured💡

How I’m feeling: I take it day by day and healing little by little (black eye has faded), plus I’m seeing every kind of doctor there is. I still have a lengthy road of recovery ahead, so when you see me in a head scarf for the next 6 months, just know I’m still healing underneath. Tip: If you ask me what my pain is like from a scale of 1-10, you have to double my answer because my pain threshold is unthinkable compared to a normal human.

Closing Thoughts: I think of this accident as a test of faith… and listen, I didn’t fail. My faith has been unwavering; I can walk, I have my limbs, nothing was broken, I’m coherent and I’m blessed that it wasn’t worst because it absolutely could’ve been. I’ve lost a lot of hair, but it grows back. I’m thankful; I’ve been calm and accepting of what has happened. The pattern in my 3 decades of living: Set-Back’s were always Set-Up’s for something greater and a blessing beyond my wildest dreams💡- If you know me well, you know that my bounce back from this is going to be astronomical. My purpose is so much more meaningful, and my testimony just got stronger 💙