Farewell Def Jam!

Not a lot of people can say they’ve worked and walked thru the halls of this iconic and legendary music label… I did it for 4.5 years. This Filipino-American woman, from South Central LA was a Marketing Director at Def Jam!

I learned so much. I gained life-long FRIENDS. Artists and managers turned into FAMILY. The office was my second HOME and no two days were ever alike. I truly loved doing the work, I love my artists and the people I worked with. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a tight knit family we were. It was an experience of a lifetime that I don’t take for granted and glad I went thru. I value every single relationship I built in that building. Trust that we’ll cross paths again!

They say “if you can work at Def Jam, you can work anywhere else.” I get it now, and absolutely believe this! I’m proud to join the many other successful “School of Hard Knocks” alumni, because life after Def looks good on a lot of them! To everyone still at the label, PLEASE…. Protect the BRAND. Protect the ARTISTS. Protect the CULTURE. And VALUE the junior execs, coordinators and assistants because they are the backbone of the company!

In my 4.5 years… I put out 75 music videos, 63 singles, and 22 albums/EP’s. Plus got 2 Gold Albums, 10 Gold singles, 5 Platinum, and two 3x’s Platinum certifications. I also made it thru 3 CEO’s and 6 Heads of Marketing 🙏🏽….. Farewell Def Jam, we had a good run! 

Thank you, and you’re welcome. – Lez 💙