Home Inspo – BLUE ROOM

After watching the first episode of “And Just Like That”, I was inspired by Carrie and Big’s wall shelf that held their vinyl records and books. I’ve been looking for visually appealing shelving for my vinyl, but no luck so far. As of now half of my collection is in a basket underneath my bed in LA, the other half is boxed up in my storage space in Brooklyn. However, my books are nicely lined up and “bi-coastally” shelved. But when I purchase my first home, I definitely want a library with shelving for both. 

In true Leslie form, I started my “Home Library Inspo” Google search. Here’s what caught my eye….

And then in SUPER true Leslie form, I started my “Blue Living Room” Google search. I’ve always wanted a  plush and rich royal blue couch. The current aesthetic of my Brooklyn apartment are different hues of grey, so I opted for a charcoal colored couch. The color of my bedroom in my mothers house in LA is a “Sunoco Blue”, with both dark and warm wooded furniture. The color is calming to me. So in addition to a library, a Blue Sitting Room is also mandatory in my future home. 

Here’s what I loved online…. 

After several taps, and links leading to other links, I made a firm decision to simplify and consolidate. My future home will have a Blue Room that’ll serve as a sitting/meeting room, library, and office. Stories will be shared, knowledge will be gained, contracts signed, and conversations will be had in this room with my future husband and kids! I’m writing this into existence and manifesting this!

Here are some renderings of my upcoming BLUE ROOM =)