My 2023 Vision Board

This year, I decided to change up my vision board. Instead of a slew of pics with no caption or context, my board this year consists of WORDS that I want my life to revolve around. I selected 23 words for 2023, and included them in a prayer. Here they are…

  • I pray to receive blessings in ABUNDANCE.
  • I pray to maintain my AUTHENTICITY, and stay solid for myself and others.
  • I pray for my COMMUNITY and FRIENDSHIPS, that we continue to support each other and thrive in this new year.
  • I pray for new OPPORTUNITY to come my way, and for COURAGE to accept them.
  • I pray that I continue to INSPIRE through my actions, work, and art that I CREATE.
  • I pray that my unwavering FAITH and TRUST in God stays intact.
  • I pray for my FAMILY, that they stay safe, well and happy as I maintain my bond with them.
  • I pray that I stay FOCUSED on my purpose and my why.
  • I pray for GROWTH, and being an upgraded version of my 2022-self.
  • I pray for overall HAPPINESS for myself and loved ones.
  • I pray for a HEALTHY life… Physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • I pray for continued LOYALTY, POSITIVITY, and RESPECT… Giving and receiving.
  • I pray for PATIENCE as I move into this new season, the next level of me can’t be rushed.
  • I pray for my next RELATIONSHIP, and that he prays for these same things for himself.
  • I pray for continued SUCCESS in my career, and WEALTH and riches not only monetarily but in LOVE.