Winter 2023

Let’s try this again…. Winter 2020, I posted my fashion inspo for the season and stocked my closet up with the thickest sweaters and puff coats I could buy. But that year was a bust; NY had a warmer that usual season and by mid March the world shut down. However, the blog ended up being my inspo for Winter ’21 so it was put to use. [Read: “Winter 2020” here] I was warm and cute with my N95 face mask on! Winter ’22, I spent the entire season in New York wearing sweat pants and hoodies while recovering from knee surgery. The only socializing I did last winter were visits to my Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Orthopedist and Neurologist. 

So here we are, Winter 2023. 2 weeks into the season we’ve already seen some record lows (temperatures) and wild storms have hit all over the country. It’s gonna be a cold one, and I have a feeling that the low temps are gonna prolong into April/May. After 5 winters in NYC, I’ve finally learned how to dress for the cold. I used to LAYER UP; underwear, tank/thermals, sweater, tights, knee-high socks, jeans/sweats, heavy coat, topped with a scarf. I would get to my destination so sweaty. The way my body easily heats up + the heaters blasting 85 degrees… smh! Do you know how long it takes to cool down while wearing a wool turtle neck?! Moving forward, I’m keeping it simple with warm socks + shoes, gloves, scarf, a GOOD coat, and something comfortable underneath. No more sweating under 3 layers of clothes at Las Lap. 

Check out my fashion inspo below! Between LA and NY, I’ll be warm, comfy, and cute this winter =)