A Prayer for Leslie


“— Dear Father God I come to you this evening with such a heart of expectancy and joy. Father God I know that you are a lover of your children. Your words says what manner of love is this that we should be called children of God. And as your child I come on behalf of my dear sister Leslie asking that you pour out an extra portion of your PERFECT PEACE. Father God I come to you knowing that all things are working together for her good. In the midst of loss and uncertainty in the absence of someone who may have felt permanent we will be challenged and confused . But we declare right now in the mighty name of Jesus that what has failed the relationship that did not turn out the way you wanted it is the good you intended for Leslie so long ago. The patience she learned the capacity to love that she learned the wisdom she has gained is all fuel for her future and her future husband and mate.. father God we just give you all the honor and praise and know that you have given us such a greater portion of peace and love and I pray at this difficult time for Leslie you over flow and pour out generously over her in Jesus name Amen!”

I know how amazing of a woman you are and anything you’re experiencing is only building you to stand perfect for that great guy at the end of it all. – Nnamdi


Thank You Nnam.

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